Why Keeping Cool Helps You to Sleep More Deeply

Ever find yourself shuffling around the bed trying to find a cool patch or constantly flipping your pillow in search of the cold side? Well, it turns out there is a scientific reason for this. Research indicates that keeping cool as you snooze not only makes you feel more comfortable but also improves health and well-being. 

Why Keeping Cool Helps You to Sleep More Deeply

Why is this? 

If you’ve ever suffered from a long sleepless night, you’ll know that sometimes your brain waves can work overtime when you’re supposed to be resting. Researchers from the University of Pittsburg School of Medicine have found that excessive brain activity at night time actually increases the body’s core temperature. This contributes to sleeplessness because usually the body’s natural circadian rhythm lowers core temperature in the evening to help you doze off, but people who experience increased brain activity increase their body temperatures, making it harder to sleep. This is also partly the reason why we have designed and developed a collection of cooling products, that includes our revolutionary cool gel infused mattress series.

So, how cool do you need to be? 

Studies have shown that keeping the temperature of your sleeping environment to between 15°C and 19°C should help you to sleep more deeply. Body temperature is directly linked to the amount of deep sleep you get during the night, so it is vital to ensure that sleeping conditions are cool to maximise your rest. Higher temperatures can decrease slow wave sleep which reduces the body’s ability to recover from the day’s activities.

What are the benefits? 

Ok, so we have covered the fact that sleeping in a cool environment is good for helping you to sleep more deeply, but did you know that it is also good for anti-ageing? Sleeping in cooler conditions encourages melatonin production, which happens to be one of the most important anti-ageing hormones. Melatonin is released into the bloodstream as the night draws in but sleeping under conditions warmer than 21°C prevents the body from naturally cooling down and inhibits the production of melatonin. 

Research also shows that Studies have shown that sleeping environment temperatures of around 18°C not only helps the body to burn calories but also encourages the production of brown (good) fat in the body, which lowers the risk of metabolic disorders such as obesity, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

How do I keep cool? 

Turning the thermostat down before you go to bed is the first step, but the most crucial factor in keeping your sleep cool is to sleep on a cool gel infused mattress. The revolutionary cool gel technology in these types of mattresses are perfect for regulating the body’s temperature as the open cell structure of the material helps to encourage air flow and transfer heat away from the body. All our mattresses are available in a UK Single (90cm x 190cm), Small Double (120cm x 190cm), Standard Double (135cm x 200cm), Kingsize (150cm x 200cm) and Super Kingsize (180cm x 200cm). Next up, you need a cool pillow, such as the Snow Pillow, which is encased in Nordic Chill fabric that dissipates body heat and is cold to touch, so that you don’t have to spend all night flipping it!  

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