Why Your Heart Needs a Good Night’s Sleep

There are many ways of promoting good heart health and minimising the risk of heart disease. From exercise to good nutrition, taking care of ourselves is an essential part of maintaining our hearts. But recent evidence suggests that one of the most important weapons in fighting heart problems is something as simple as sleep. 

Why Your Heart Needs a Good Night’s Sleep

The study examined 4,000 adults with an average age of 46 and found that those who slept less than 6 hours per night were 27% more likely to have atherosclerosis. This is a potentially serious condition where arteries become clogged with fatty substances or plaques that cause the arteries to narrow and harden, restricting blood flow and oxygen supply to vital organs and increasing the risk of blood clots.

But the effects weren’t just seen in sleep deprivation. The study also found that women who slept for longer than 8 hours were also at an increased risk of atherosclerosis. While it is still uncertain why too much sleep or lack of sleep has this effect on the body, it is clear that it is essential to maintain good sleep hygiene to look after your health.

Often, those who suffer from sleep difficulties tend to rely on caffeine to give them a boost during the day or alcohol to help them wind down before going to bed. But these substances can end up impacting on the quality and duration of sleep. The stimulating effects of caffeine can be felt for up to 6 hours after drinking it, delaying the body’s natural rhythm and making it harder to sleep. Alcohol, meanwhile, leads to poor quality sleep in which you are more likely to wake and feel less rested in the morning.

The best way to promote good sleep habits is to:

  • Maintain a sleep schedule, waking and going to bed at the same times every day
  • Meditate or read for 30 minutes before going to sleep
  • Avoid using smartphones or laptops for an hour before bed
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine
  • Monitor your sleep patterns to identify where you can improve
  • Exercise regularly to help your body feel tired in the evening
  • Eat a balanced, nutritious diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables

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