Why White Noise Helps You to Sleep

While some people are able to sleep in noisy environments, others can find it super tricky to drop off when there are distracting sounds happening. From the neighbour’s music to the sound of your partner snoring, there are plenty of noises that can keep some of us awake for hours on end.

This is where White Noise comes in. 

Why White Noise Helps You to Sleep

White noise is essentially a sound containing many frequencies with equal intensities. It is a combination of all of the different frequencies that our ears can hear, playing around 20,000 different tones all at once. This means that white noise is perfect for drowning out the sounds around us, as we focus on it and it blocks the sounds from our environment.


Not only that, but it engages our brains as we are resting. As anyone with insomnia knows, trying to quiet the brain at night time can be super tricky, so playing white noise is a great way of distracting the brain from thoughts and helping it to drift off.


A great analogy for how white noise works is to imagine being in a room without any light and you turn on a torch. You would immediately notice the source of light. However, if the room was already lit, then the light from the torch wouldn’t be noticeable.


This means that white noise is also great for blocking out the ringing associated with tinnitus and makes it much easier for anyone suffering from it to drop off to sleep.


While many people think of white noise as the static on the television, it is also found on recordings of oceans, rivers, forests, and waterfalls. Playing the sounds of nature before you go to sleep is a great way to get your mind and body relaxed before sleep.  


Once you’re asleep, white noise can improve the quality of your sleep and prevent you from waking if there are any sounds from outside.


For a super deep sleep, play white noise through the ZEEQ Smart Pillow and check out the stats on how well it helped you to rest! 


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