Why Beauty Sleep is a Real Thing

If your mother has ever nagged you about going to bed early to catch up on your beauty sleep, it turns out that she actually has a point. 

Why Beauty Sleep is a Real Thing

Recent studies show that those who miss out on good quality sleep appear much less attractive to others. But it’s not limited to those who don’t sleep for months on end. No, no. Just two nights of interrupted sleep can make you look significantly worse than if you had enjoyed good quality sleep.

An experiment conducted by university students in Stockholm found that sleep deprivation can have a huge impact on how our physical appearance is judged. 25 participants were instructed to either get two full nights of sleep or two nights without much sleep. They were photographed afterwards, and the images were shown to people they didn’t know.

It was discovered that the sleep-deprived participants were perceived to be less attractive and less healthy while the rested participants were rated as much more attractive.

This could be down to our evolution which has ingrained in us the desire to avoid unhealthy looking people.

But why do you look bad after a few nights of disturbed sleep?

Stress and exhaustion lead to a lack of collagen in the skin, making it appear less elastic. This saggy appearance in the skin also contributes to dark baggy circles under the eyes which lead to wrinkles. Great, huh? Not only that, but when you are tired you produce less melanin which makes you look pale.

The upshot is that if you are single and looking for a date then you need to get yourself some good sleep.

If you find it super hard to get a good night’s sleep, then perhaps its time to think about your sleep environment. Your mattress and pillow can help or hinder you in getting rest, so do your mind and body a favour by upgrading to a smart pillow and a cool-gel infused mattress. You won’t look back!

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