What Happens When We Dream?

Ever woken up wondering what on earth was going on in your dreams last night? You’re not alone! Research has shown that whether you remember them or not, everyone dreams when they are asleep. This is because dreaming is a natural process for the brain to go through when it is resting – though science has yet to work out exactly why this is the case.

What Happens When We Dream?

While there are plenty of theories about why we dream, the reality is that we can’t be 100% sure about the reason for it.

We do know, however, the various stages that the body goes through as we enter the dream state.

Firstly, we go into a semi-conscious state where we are not really asleep or awake. The muscles start to relax and occasionally twitch – something known as a hypnic jerk. You know when you get that feeling that you’re falling just before you sleep? That’s a hypnic jerk.

When we go into the second stage of sleep, the sense of our environment shifts from external awareness to internal awareness. This is when your core temperature is likely to drop, and your brain waves start to slow down.

During the third phase, the body is fully resting, breathing and heartbeat are regular, and the brain function is reduced. At this point, the body pumps more blood to the muscles in order to carry out essential tissue growth and repair before we start dreaming.

Then the final and most well-known phase of sleep occurs. The body enters REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is when the brain becomes active, breathing becomes shallow and irregular, and the muscles are paralysed. During this phase, we experience our most intense dreams and nightmares, and because it is the end of the sleep cycle it is normal for us to wake up afterwards and remember the dream we just had.

So, although it’s easy to assume that the brain turns off when you go to sleep, in fact the opposite occurs! During the REM stage, the brain is almost as active as during awake hours. It is constantly processing information gathered during the day and, according to research, continues to make decisions as you rest.

Never underestimate the power of good quality sleep!

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