Tips for First Time Triathletes

Training for any kind of race demands a certain kind of mindset. But when it comes to training for a triathlon, that mindset is pushed to the absolute limit. 

Tips for First Time Triathletes

Entering into a series of three different and very intense races requires planning, dedication and a whole lot of practice that challenges you in ways no other race or competition possibly can. So, if you’re planning on pushing yourself to the limit this year, what are the best ways to get yourself ready for race day?


Plan workouts carefully 

Even if you are busy juggling work, home and your social life, it is possible to train efficiently and effectively by planning your workouts very carefully. You don’t need to spend all day everyday training in each discipline. High-intensity sessions are a great way to pack a good amount of exercise into a short period of time, you just need to find the right training plan for you. 


Stay flexible in your approach 

Careful planning is essential but don’t be afraid to be flexible in how you approach your sessions. If you’re short on time, focus on cross-training to strengthen your body all-over, or if it’s a particularly hot day skip the cycling and head straight for the pool.


Focus on your weaknesses 

You might be entering a triathlon because you love cycling or you’re really good at swimming but try not to focus on the discipline you naturally gravitate to as this will not help you when it comes to other parts of the race. Work out which parts of the race you are not so comfortable with and focus on drilling those instead.


Stay hydrated 

Many athletes fail to stay properly hydrated which has a huge impact on their performance. Think about adding electrolytes to your water to give yourself a bigger hydration boost and set a reminder on your fitness tracker to drink as often as possible.


Get enough sleep 

Sleep is essential to repairing and rebuilding muscle after a workout. Aim for a minimum of 9 hours a night to give your body the best chance at rebuilding itself in time for the next workout. Use a sleep monitor to identify any potential areas that you could improve upon when you sleep so that you maximise your rest and enhance your race day potential.


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