Time for a Siesta?

Good news for anyone who loves an afternoon nap – taking a siesta is actually supposed to be good for you!
Time for a Siesta?

Scientists in Spain have found that regularly indulging in an afternoon snooze can help to lower stress levels, boost cardiovascular function and improve alertness and memory. The study discovered that having a rest in the afternoon should form part of our natural sleep cycle as it helps to stabilise your circadian rhythm, particularly when taken at least 3 time per week. It’s important to limit your nap time, however, as sleeping for too long can mean that your body enters REM sleep which will leave you feeling groggy once you wake from it.


A 1995 study by NASA found that the optimum length of time for a siesta was 26 minutes, not a minute longer or a minute less. This particular length of nap was shown to improve performance by 35% and alertness by 54%, which should come as welcome news for anyone who finds themselves dropping off at their desks after lunch. Imagine coming back to work feeling refreshed, creative, and driven to finish the rest of the day instead of facing it with dread and exhaustion?!


Research indicates that the best time to take a nap is between 1pm and 3pm as this is the time that we are hardwired to take a short rest. If you find that you shift patterns don’t allow for naps between these particular times, try taking a short nap between 6 to 8 hours after waking. Make sure you won’t be disturbed for the duration of your nap and make sure to set an alarm so that you don’t oversleep! If you’re feeling brave, have a coffee before you sleep, as the effects of caffeine take between 20 – 30 minutes to kick in so you will get the benefit of an upsurge in energy when you wake.


So, what are you waiting for? Make a nap a part of your day and see how it affects the rest of your afternoon! 


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