Throwback: The Art Of Dreaming with d.REM and REM-Fit at the Freud Museum

Throwback: The Art Of Dreaming with d.REM and REM-Fit at the Freud Museum

In the tranquil halls of the Freud Museum, amidst the artifacts that whisper of dreams dissected and analysed, a new chapter in the exploration of the subconscious unfolded. It was May 25th, 2018, when REM-Fit Projects unveiled d.REM, a visionary project conceived by Allegra Shorto to meld art, science, and the ethereal realm of dreams.

At its heart, d.REM sought to dissolve the boundaries between waking and sleeping, to coax the unconscious mind into a dance with creativity itself. Artists, handpicked for their ability to provoke and inspire, embarked on a mission to curate not just spaces, but entire dreamscapes within the hallowed walls of Freud's former residence.

Imagine stepping into a world where sound and sensation melded seamlessly with the dreamscape. Lee Berwick, with his evocative soundscape tuned to cosmic frequencies, orchestrated a symphony designed to synchronize with the rhythms of the sleeping mind. Across nine hours of slumber, elemental compositions pulsed in harmony with the phases of REM sleep, from the grounding depths of Earth to the fiery crescendo of Fire, weaving a tapestry of healing vibrations.

But d.REM was more than mere sensory manipulation. It was a voyage into lucidity, guided by the pioneering insights of Dr. Keith Hearne. His research underscored the profound impact of sensory input on dream content, opening a gateway to awaken within the dream, to shape its narrative from within.

Amidst the nocturnal serenade, Mikael Öberg wove tales of cosmic wonder and existential riddles, blurring the line between reality and reverie in The Divine Dreamer. His words, like whispers from the subconscious, painted landscapes of irrational adventures and universal rebirth.

Beyond the confines of the Freud Museum, d.REM extended its reach through the airwaves, with radio episodes crafted to unfold over the course of an REM cycle. A symphony of sound designed to permeate the dreamscape, to coax it gently towards new horizons of thought and emotion.

As the night unfolded and the boundaries between participant and performer dissolved, d.REM emerged not just as an experiment, but as a testament to the infinite possibilities of the human mind. It invited participants to explore the caverns of consciousness, to embrace the fluidity of perception, and to awaken to the potential that lies within every dream.

As we reflect on that transformative night in 2018, d.REM stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation, illuminating the path forward into the ever-expanding universe of dreams.

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