The Science and Benefits of Delta Waves

Associated with the deepest levels of sleep, delta waves are something of an enigma. First identified in the 1900s neurophysicist William Grey Walter, who was inspired by Hans Berger’s electroencephalograph, or EEG machine which enabled the study of the brain during sleep. Walter constructed his own version of this machine with additional capabilities and ended up detecting the various brain waves observed during sleep. 

During the awake stage, small and fast beta waves are produced. As the brain slows down for sleep it produces alpha waves until eventually, once in deep sleep, the brain produces delta waves. 

Delta waves operate at a frequency range of between 0-4Hz, which is super slow. It is during this stage that the brain is fully unconscious, which makes delta waves tricky to study as no one can remember what happens during this part of the sleep cycle.

So, what are their benefits?

The Science and Benefits of Delta Waves

Delta waves are an essential part of the sleep cycle, without which we would not get the restorative rest that we need. By switching off the mind, the body can work on repairing itself from the day while recharging the mind and improving the immune system. Delta waves also encourage the production of hormones such as DHEA and melatonin which have a direct impact on the skin, bodily functions, and general well-being.


The delta wave stage of sleep is essential for ensuring that our bodies are in good working order. Basic bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, and heartbeat are synched up during this stage to ensure that the body is working in its optimum state.


As the delta wave stage is the most relaxing state our minds can be in, the more delta wave sleep we have the more like we are to feel rested and at peace.

Weight loss 

Believe it or not, the release of growth hormones during delta wave sleep can play a huge role in maintaining body strength and decreasing body fat. In fact, delta wave sleep is considered such a necessity for fat burning that athletes use delta wave playlists to help them achieve the maximum amount of delta wave sleep that they can.

To ensure that you are getting enough delta wave sleep, use a sleep monitor in conjunction with a delta wave recording which you can play through a smart pillow. This will optimise your rest and promote the production of delta waves.

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