The Powerful Influence of Dreams

Ever wake up feeling as though you’re still dreaming? We’ve all been there, that hazy morning moment when it’s difficult to tell the difference between reality and unconsciousness. Sometimes dreams can be so intense that they linger for a longer period and feel almost like real memories, which can be a weird sensation, especially when you’ve had some pretty strange dreams! 

But, did you know that your dreams (even the strange ones) can actually influence you in your waking life?

The Powerful Influence of Dreams


A survey conducted in Boston found that when commuters dreamed of a plane crash, it would cause them enough anxiety to change their travel plans for the next day. Nightmares are much more likely to inspire a feeling of superstition or foreboding, which means that some of us are likely to change our plans to avoid any potential for it to come true. Feelings of harm and fear are super strong and can stay with the dreamer for quite some time which is why many people still vividly remember any recurring nightmares hey used to have as a child.


If you are lucky enough to have had a transcendent dream at some point in your life, then you will know the profound effect that it can have on your mental state. Some people report feeling a greater awareness of the connections throughout the universe, while others claim to feel a renewed sense of self or an understanding of the meaning of life. These types of dreams can leave the dreamer feeling euphoric, peaceful, accomplished or happy. This will inevitably have an impact on their mood for the rest of the day, or even week, depending on how strong the memory of it is.


These types of dreams are often interwoven with nightmares, as they mainly focus on the themes of sadness and loneliness. They can leave us feeling bereft and incomplete, which is a difficult emotion to overcome during the day. Dreams like this can sometimes serve as a guide to the emotions that we aren’t especially in touch with. If you dream that you are naked in front of a crowd of people, this can indicate that you are not particularly comfortable with yourself so it important to look at these types of dreams carefully to see if there is anything that you can work on.

As well as giving us a little insight into the inner workings of our mind, dreams can also heavily influence our moods, the way that we handle issues, and interactions with friends and family. Keep a dream diary and use a sleep monitor to work out any patterns with your dreams and movements during the night to get a better understanding of your dreams affect you.

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