The Fastest Way to Hack Your Sleep

If you’ve been battling with getting to sleep for some time then, then it is more likely than not that you have tried everything you can think of to encourage better sleep habits. But, did you know that the answer can be as simple as an afternoon workout?

The Fastest Way to Hack Your Sleep

Along with reducing risk of cardiovascular problems and other diseases, improving weight control and mental health, and strengthening your body, exercise is also proven to help you sleep better. From yoga to a full cardio workout, at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise during the day is shown to improve the quality of your sleep and increase the length of time that you sleep for.


Studies have also shown that regular exercise can reduce the need for sleep-inducing medication, making it a great natural alternative to taking medication for the problem.


So, how do you use the benefits of exercise to improve your rest?


Firstly, it’s important to remember that the impact of exercise might not have an immediate effect on your ability to sleep. Regular exercise is more likely to have a cumulative effect on sleep habits, so if you don’t notice results straight away stick with it! You will begin to notice them in time.


Try to stick to morning and afternoon workouts where you can as heavy exercise before bed can stimulate the brain and prevent rest. Having said that, light exercise in the evening such as restful yoga poses, or gentle walk can relax the body enough before sleep.


If you are new to regular exercise, start off gently and work up to longer workouts. Swimming, biking, weights, and running are all great ways to get the heart pumping and improve your rest, just remember to take it easy for the first few weeks and lengthen your sessions over time.


The more you move, the better you will sleep. Keep track of your exercise and sleep with a fitness tracker and a sleep monitor to measure the effects of your workouts on your sleep patterns. You might just be surprised at how well you start to rest!


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