The Best Tech for a Good Night’s Sleep

Whether you’re a chronic insomniac or you just want to enhance the quality of your sleep, technology can help. With solutions ranging from top of the range mattresses to smart pillows, sleep technology is helping people achieve the sleep they need. And we all need to achieve better sleep! 

The Best Tech for a Good Night’s Sleep

Studies show that sleep deprivation is linked to health complications such as weight gain, depression and diabetes and can also lead to impaired cognitive function. Although the blue light from smartphones often gets blamed for throwing our natural rhythms out of synch, there is also tech out there that can have the opposite effect.

Sleep Trackers

Some fitness trackers can also provide valuable insight into sleeping patterns. The REM-Fit Active 100, for example, uses proprietary algorithms to give you SleepPoints based on how well you sleep at night and ActivePoints based on your daytime activity. These two scores work to contribute to your 360 LifeScore, based on the quality of your sleep and the intensity of your activity. This data is useful for helping you track the quality of your sleep and whether you need to make adjustments to your sleep habits.

Sleep monitors

For a comprehensive look at your sleep habits, sleep monitors give you everything you need. As you sleep, the monitor tracks your heart rate, respiratory rate and motion. Its incredibly accurate sensors send data to a smartphone app which generates individual graphs for your sleep trends. This enables you to get a better understanding of how well you are sleeping and if there is something you need to address to achieve a better quality of rest. 

Smart pillows

The future is here! Smart pillows are the latest technology in tracking sleep and reacting to snoring. Not only does the Zeeq® Smart Pilllow intelligently wake you up if you start snoring, but it also plays music to help you drift off to sleep. The pillow also tracks your sleep and is able to work out exactly which point in the sleep cycle to wake you up in the morning so that you don’t feel groggy.

Hybrid mattresses

Often one of the biggest barriers to a good night’s sleep is the quality of the sleep surface. REM-Fit’s 500 Ortho is a next-generation mattress combining 2000 extra firm encapsulated pocket springs with a deep layer of advanced cool-gel infused memory foam. This provides unrivalled temperature regulation, optimum comfort and perfect back support.

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