Sleep Tips for Shift Workers

Even the deepest sleeper will find their sleep patterns affected by shift work. The irregular hours along with the unusual day and night routines mean that trying to get sleep can be a very tricky prospect. This is made even worse in the summer when days are longer as the light can disturb and disrupt sleep. 

Sleep Tips for Shift Workers

The downside is that this can leave you feeling lethargic and grouchy. But there are some ways that you can manage the situation and maximise your rest.

1.     Make sure your environment is sleep friendly
This is absolutely key. Install blackout blinds to block as much light as possible, keep your room between 16-18°C and ensure that you have fresh sheets to climb into. If you haven’t upgraded your mattress for a while, perhaps it’s time to look into treating yourself to a new one so that you are as comfortable as possible.

2.     Maintain a routine
This might feel difficult, particularly when you are super exhausted, but sticking to a routine will help to give your body the cues that it’s time to rest. Read a book for 20 minutes or have a long hot shower to wind down from your shift. Avoid all phones and laptops in the bedroom and have a light snack before you get into bed so that you don’t feel hungry.

3.     You are what you eat
One of the most important ways that you can maintain a good sleep cycle is by eating properly. Fueling your body with sugar and carbs will leave you feeling exhausted and weak throughout the day., This will have an impact on how well you are able to sleep at night, so instead load up on fruits, vegetables, and nuts to maintain your energy levels and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

4.     Get up
If you are not able to sleep within half an hour of getting into bed, get up and do something. As soon as you start to feel sleepy, head back to bed and try again. The longer that you lie in bed worrying that you are not sleeping, the harder it will be to actually fall asleep. 

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