How to Keep Warm on a Cold Night

With the colder seasons well and truly underway, homes around the country are turning up the central heating and snuggling around cosy fires to keep warm. But, during the night our bodies need to cool down so that we can get good quality sleep so leaving the heating on can often mean that we end up restless and sleep deprived. 

How to Keep Warm on a Cold Night

According to The Sleep Council, our ideal sleep environment needs to be between 16-18°C for our bodies to enter into a deep sleep. Anything higher or lower can cause restlessness, so leaving the heating on can mean you get less sleep. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the ways that you can keep warm at night without keeping the heating on. 

Hot water bottle

Hot water bottles are perfect for keeping you warm as you drift off while gradually cooling down during the night, allowing your body to adjust to the cooler temperature without getting too cold. 


Often, we can feel much colder in a space because the colours around us can make us perceive cooler temperatures. Warm your room up with earthy, rich tones such as burnt orange, crimson red, chestnut brown and sunshine yellow and add plenty of texture with throws, rugs and cushions.

Wear socks

It might feel odd wearing socks in bed, but they are great for retaining warmth lost through the feet while keeping your toes toasty warm.


Very gentle, light stretching before bed helps to warm the body up and prepare it for sleep.

Layer up

Wearing several layers is a great way to trap body heat while allowing you to take off layers during the night if you start to feel too warm. If you don’t like to wear too many clothes in bed, layer up your sheets instead, alternating between thick layers and thin layers to create more warmth.

Share your bed

Now is a great time to snuggle up to your partner and share their body warmth, or if you have a pet consider allowing them to sleep in your bed so that you can keep each other warm during the night.

Find the right mattress

Often our attempts to keep warm can mean that we end up overheating, so making sure that you have a mattress that keeps the body at its optimum temperature is super important. Cool gel infused mattresses are perfect for this. 

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