Eat, Sleep, Repeat: Foods You Should Avoid Before Bed

Is your diet keeping you up at night? With more and more research at our disposal it’s easier than ever to know which foods may impact our sleep cycle.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat: Foods You Should Avoid Before Bed

Sometimes it’s the foods we love the most that may be stopping us from getting our beauty rest. As with most dietary advice, the key is moderation and understanding, aiming for a balance between pleasure and strict regimen. That being said, when it comes to the foods listed in this article it really is a strict no go after dark if you want to achieve good sleep, so make the most of them whilst the sun is still up.

1.       Chocolate 

We can hear the groans already. Sorry folks but it’s true, chocolate is a sometimes-overlooked sneaky source of caffeine. Whilst you wouldn’t drink a cup of coffee before bed or even after dinner, most people won’t bat an eyelid at a chocolate-based dessert or even a little bar washed down with a steamy cup of hot cocoa before bed. Unfortunately, caffeine combined with sugar ensures that deep, sustained sleep will be off limits.

2.       Alcohol 

It may feel like we’re just listing all of your favourite things, but hear us out. Alcohol acts in a few different ways to disrupt sleep, first and foremost is increased risk of heartburn or acid reflux which will ensure you are unable to achieve restful, undisturbed rest. Next is the impact it has on your bladder, increasing the need for toilet breaks and decreasing significantly your chances at achieving perfect REM sleep. Finally, it is also a muscle relaxant and so even the non-snorers amongst us may find ourselves hoarse throated and groggy headed in the morning. Whilst our smart tech ZEEQ pillows are specifically designed to stop you snoring, it’s best not to challenge them on purpose.

3.       Raw onions 

We’re guessing that most of you can breathe a sigh of relief on this one. Fact is whilst it might seem like a curious entry the reasoning is solid and if you have a partner they will definitely agree. Raw onion causes gas which in turn affects the pressure of your stomach and can lead to reflux. Basically, it’s just gastronomic distress that is best avoided if you can bear to part with your raw onion before bed routine.

4.       Pizza 

Back to destroying all the things you love. Pizza is actually a double whammy when it comes to foods you shouldn’t eat before bed. The cheese is high in fat (more on that in a second) and the acidity of the tomato sauce come together to negatively impact sleep. While small amounts of cheese can be beneficial due to the tryptophan content, an amino acid that we obtain via our diet that is shown to boost serotonin production and aid in sleep. However due to the fat content in cheese there are far better sources, such as oat milk, nuts or tofu.

5.       High fat or high sugar 

We run the risk of sounding like a broken record if we list every delicious food on the planet, so we’ll end with this. Fatty foods are harder to digest and can cause indigestion or bloating which will severely impact your ability to sleep well. Foods high in sugar cause spikes and crashes in your energy levels and no matter what time of day they’re ingested can mess with your natural rhythm, the effect is obviously more disruptive when eaten before bed.

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