Daylight Saving Sleep Tips

The clocks have finally gone forwards which means that we might have lost an hour, but Spring is here! While losing an hour is not as great as gaining one, there are lots of ways to manage the transition.
Daylight Saving Sleep Tips

Originally suggested by Ben Franklin, daylight saving time was introduced to make better use of the daylight and conserve energy. Longer evenings and lighter mornings can bring a lot of positivity and well-being, but what about those who struggle to adjust their sleeping patterns? We’ve put together some top tips to help anyone get to grips with daylight savings;

  • Gradually transition 
    It’s a good idea to minimise the impact of the change by making gradual adjustments. Start going to bed 15-30 minutes early every day to help your body adapt to the time difference.
  • Stick to a routine
    To optimise your rest and get the most out of your sleep, it’s best to get at least 7-8 hours sleep every night. Try to stick to a routine of going to bed and rising at the same times every day, even at the weekends!
  • Leave a gap in the curtains
    Your body naturally responds to light in the morning, receptors in the brain pick up on the change in light which helps you to wake up. Leaving the curtains open slightly will allow in more light which will help your body to recognise that it’s time to wake up.
  • Get some sun
    The more sunlight you can get during the day, the better. Sunlight boost the body’s production of serotonin, which not only boosts your mood but also helps you to sleep in the evening. This is because serotonin is synthesized by the pineal gland which also produces melatonin, the hormone directly related to sleep.
  • Avoid naps
    While it can be a chore to get through the sluggish part of the day, try to avoid taking naps as these can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle and make it much harder to fall asleep in the evening. If you simply must nap, limit your doze to 20 minutes to try and lessen the impact on your sleep in the evening.
  • Create a night time ritual
    Humans are creatures of habit, so prepare the mind and body for sleep each evening by going through a nightly ritual. Avoid using phones, tablets and computers an hour before you go to bed. Have a warm bath, read a book, meditate or do some relaxing yoga to wind the body and mind down.
  • Steer clear of stimulants
    Caffeine, alcohol, spicy or fatty foods can all play havoc with your sleep cycle and keep you up at night. Try to eat light, simple meals and steer clear of alcohol and caffeinated drinks to maximise your rest.
  • Use technology
    Using a sleep monitor or a smart pillow will help you to keep track of your body’s progress as it adjusts to the time difference.


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