Are You a Sleep Eater?

We’ve all indulged in a midnight snack from time to time, but did you know that you can also raid the fridge while you are asleep? 

Are You a Sleep Eater?

Recently, Robbie Williams has admitted to sleep eating, a parasomnia which involves going to the kitchen, preparing and eating food without realising you are doing it. Sufferers may only have a partial or no memory of the event afterwards and it is very difficult to wake up during an episode of eating. 

While it sounds amusing and harmless, there are dangerous side effects to taking in these extra calories, such as weight gain, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. So, what are the symptoms of sleep eating?

  • Little to no appetite at breakfast
  • Eating more food after dinner than during a meal
  • Eating more than half of daily food intake after dinner hour
  • Less food in the fridge and cupboards
  • Messy kitchen¬†

Although both sexes are prone to getting this disorder, it appears to be mostly prevalent in females. Sleep eating is thought to affect around 5% of the general population, with some people reporting other eating disorders, alcoholism and drug abuse as well, which can make them more vulnerable to sleep eating. People who tend to diet and exercise during the day are also said to be affected more, as well as those who have suffered with a parasomnia in the past. 

People reporting symptoms of sleep eating tend to find that they have an eating episode almost every night, even if they don’t feel hungry or thirsty when they go to bed. Sleep eaters usually consume high fat, high sugar and high calorie foods very quickly and in strange combinations, sometimes leaving quite a mess behind.  

One of the best ways to keep track of your patterns at night time is by using a sleep tracker or sleep monitor. These devices will provide you with accurate data on your sleep habits which will, in turn, let you know if you have been up during the night. 

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