8 Weird Facts About Sleep

Although we’ve been doing it since the beginning of time, most of what we know about sleep has only been discovered in the last few decades.

8 Weird Facts About Sleep

Scientists are learning something new about our sleep patterns all the time, and there is so much more that we don’t yet know. So here are some of the weirdest facts we now know about sleep;

  • Hypnic jerks decrease with age
    Most people get that sensation of falling as they are going to sleep, but did you know that the jolting motion that usually accompanies it and wakes you up is known as a hypnic jerk? These decrease as we age, however, so if you suffer from these regularly don’t worry as they will ease off over time.
  • Blind people experience dreams through emotion, sound and smell
    They also appear to have less aggression and drama in their dreams, according to one study.
  • You forget 50% of you dream within 5 minutes of waking up
    Anyone who keeps a dream journal will know this feeling well, you wake from an intensely powerful dream that could be the most amazing story for a book, only to find that you can’t remember most of what just happened. After an additional 5 minutes, 90% of our recollection of that dream disappears. Some scientists believe that this is because we need our brain to be alert and able to concentrate on surviving the day.
  • Guilt, sadness and confusion are the main themes of nightmares
    You might expect nightmares to be centred around feelings of fear, however, guilt, sadness and confusion usually take the top spots.
  • Dysania occurs when you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning
    Similar to the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome, dysania makes it intensely difficult for sufferers to get up in the morning.
  • New-borns spend 80% of sleep in REM stage
    Sleep is vital for the healthy development of infants, and they require extensive amounts of it for the proper formation of neurosensory systems and physical growth.
  • Effects of sleep deprivation occur after just 17 hours
    The effects of sleep deprivation will kill you faster than the effects of food deprivation, and you only start to feel the effects of sleep deprivation after 17 hours.
  • If it takes longer than 15 minutes to fall asleep, you are sleep deprived
    On average, it should take between 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep, if it takes longer than this then you may be suffering from a sleep disorder or sleep deprivation.


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