7 Top Tips on How to Sleep Cool

With reports of a heatwave hitting the UK in mid-May, it’s time to start thinking about getting your summer duvet out! But, did you know that there are plenty of other ways to sleep cool on those long hot summer nights? 

7 Top Tips on How to Sleep Cool

Check out these tips for the next time you find yourself without air conditioning on a super-hot evening!

1. Avoid alcohol
Sorry to be a party pooper, but alcohol disrupts the quality of your sleep and increases dehydration which also leads to increased core temperature.

2. Use cotton
Not only is cotton breathable but it is perfect for wicking away any excess body moisture during the night so that you don’t wake up sweaty.

3. Freeze your sheets
Placing sheets in the freezer for an hour before you go to bed will keep them cool for longer.

4. Avoid exercise
Ok, maybe not all day long but definitely avoid working up a sweat in the evenings as this will raise your body temperature and make it harder for you to cool down at night.

5. Shut the curtains
Keep the sun’s rays out of your room during the day so that it stays nice and cool for the evening.

6. Apply ice packs
Hold cool packs against your wrists or neck as this will help to cool your bloodstream down.

7. Use sleep tech
Sleep tech has come a long way in the last few years. These days you can get mattresses and pillows specifically designed to keep you cool. Using cooling gel technology, Snow Pillows and REM-Fit mattresses work to keep the body cool all the way through the night, leaving you to relax and catch up on your beauty sleep.

If you would like to find out more about how a REM-Fit MattressREM-Fit Sleep Monitoring technology or Zeeq Smart Pillows can help you to get a better night’s rest, please get in touch with our experienced, knowledgeable staff by calling 020 8731 0020 or email us via sales@rem-fit.co.uk.  


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