5 Ways That Cold Weather Affects Your Sleep

As temperatures continue to plummet and frosty mornings and frozen windscreens greet us with each new day, it is safe to say that winter is officially on its way. The temptation to hide under a duvet and hibernate until spring tends to kick in around now, but did you know that this is because our sleep patterns are affected by the colder weather?     

5 Ways That Cold Weather Affects Your Sleep

While this area of sleep science is still not fully understood, scientists have noted that there is a direct link between the temperature and humidity of our environment and our sleep patterns. So, what are the ways in which the cold weather affects our sleep?

1. Fall asleep faster
As we fall asleep, our bodies cool down to enable us to enter into the sleep cycle. However, if the thermostat is turned up and the room is warm, the body finds it more difficult to fall asleep, so having a cooler room is more beneficial.

 2. Draughts cause shallow sleep
If your room happens to have a draught coming from a door or window, now might be a good time to get it blocked up. Studies show that sleeping in draughty rooms causes people to move more in their sleep, meaning that they are less likely to enter REM stage and get the deep, restorative stage of the sleep cycle.

3. Feeling drowsy during the day
The darker mornings and evenings mean that our bodies get less light during the day, this in turn affects our natural circadian rhythm and can make us feel sleepy in the afternoon. The lack of light also increases the production of melatonin, a hormone that increases sleepiness.

4. Heart and blood pressure rates increase
While the cooler weather is great for helping us to drop off, it does mean that our bodies work slightly harder in our sleep. Studies show that although sleep quality is relatively good in colder conditions, our heart and blood pressure rates increase slightly. 

5. More satisfying sleep
Research indicates that we produce less of the stress hormone cortisol during winter time, so we tend to be less stressed. This means that we are able to achieve a much more satisfying sleep than during the summer.

Time to snuggle up in your warmest blankets and enjoy the sleepy months!

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