5 Tips to Sleep Better with Spring Allergies

If the sun wasn’t sign enough, then the steady increase in sneezing and snuffling is a sure sign that spring has arrived. Those that suffer from seasonal allergies may already be feeling the effects of the increase in pollen count. When you’re blocked up and miserable it’s hard to enjoy the beauty that spring brings, it’s harder still actually get any sleep. Don’t toss and turn in discomfort trying to remember what breathing easily felt like, follow these tips and get a better night’s sleep.

5 Tips to Sleep Better with Spring Allergies

1. Keep it clean 

Showering before bed during the sneezy season will help wash out the pollen from your hair and off of your body. This means you will freshen yourself up to be pollen-free and you won’t be coating your bedsheets in the stuff. This is possibly the single most important piece of advice if you want to find yourself breathing easier through the night.

2. Continue to keep it clean 

It’s important that you keep your bed linens as pollen free and uncontaminated as possible. The smart allergy sufferer will keep their windows closed but let’s be honest, that spring breeze is fairly hard to resist, so if you have had the windows open at all in the day it’s important to hoover your room before you go to bed. This will continue to keep the pollen count in the bedroom to a minimum. It’s important too to clean, wash and change your bed linen far more regularly than normal during the allergy season. Our specially designed mattress protectors can be a great help in fending off allergens and dust mites to help protect your sheets and ensure a calm nights rest.

3. Sinus solutions 

Keeping your sinuses clean is the aim of the game and this is a war that must be waged all day long. For daytime use a simple nasal spray will help keep you breathing clear, during the evenings try an over the counter sinus rinse to give yourself a deep and thorough clean before you retire for the evening.

4. Take a whiff of something nice 

Eucalyptus can definitely help you to breathe more easily and feel relaxed. Whether you incorporate the essential oil into your bedtime shower or place an oil burner in your bedroom it’s sure to help you wind down and drift off.

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