5 of the Most Bizarre Sleep Habits

After a long day, getting into bed and enjoying a restful night’s sleep is one of the greatest pleasures in life. But, if you happen to be afflicted with a bizarre sleep habit, it is more likely that you will wake feeling as though you could do with another 12 hours rest. This is because your body will not have had a chance to fully relax as it becomes occupied with tasks that you usually carry out during the day. So, what are these sleep habits and why do they happen? 

5 of the Most Bizarre Sleep Habits

Sleep Eating

Ever wondered why you can’t shift those extra pounds no matter how hard you try? You might be a sleep eater. Pop star Taylor Swift has recently admitted to sleep eating, which is a parasomnia event in which the sleeper gets up and eats and drinks several times a night while remaining completely unconscious. Most sleep eaters can’t remember any of their activities, though a few may be able to vividly recall the events. It is usually more common in women and can be brought on by dieting, quitting smoking, anorexia or stress.

Sleep Talking

Whether you’re the partner of a sleep talker or the one doing the talking, this is one of the more disruptive sleep habits for everyone concerned. While it can be funny to hear the nonsensical gibberish as the sleeper vocalises their dream state, it can often mean that they are not getting enough sleep, are ill, have been drinking or are under a lot of stress. The good thing is that it usually means that sleep talking doesn’t last long and before you know it, everyone should be getting their forty winks again!

Restless Legs Syndrome

One of the most annoying sleep conditions, restless legs syndrome (RLS) is the overwhelming urge to move the legs as you try to sleep. The symptoms usually occur at night while the body is resting, though they can also happen during the day while seated. There are two types of RLS – primary and secondary. There is no known cause of primary RLS but secondary RLS can be triggered by pregnancy, iron deficiency or chronic kidney failure. 

Sleep Shopping

Imagine waking up to find that you have spent thousands of pounds in your sleep?! A 37-year-old mum in Essex recently woke to find that she had spent nearly £3,000 on her credit card during the night. Sleep shopping is a very rare parasomnia activity that can be triggered by stress or obstructive sleep apnoea.

Sleep Driving

There’s sleepwalking, then there is getting into a car and driving while remaining unconscious. While it might sound funny, this is an extremely dangerous sleep habit which involves someone driving a car from one place to the other without waking up. It usually affects those who are prone to sleepwalking but it can be aggravated by alcohol, stress, exhaustion and medication.

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