5 Hacks for A Great Night’s Sleep

Unfortunately, getting a good night’s sleep is not as easy as just lying down and closing your eyes. Sometimes we get a little lost in the hectic buzz of modern life. But, sleep is the best way that we can switch off and recharge so it’s vitally important that we do so. To that end, here are a few handy little hacks we’ve found that can easily help you drift off into sumptuous slumber. 

5 Hacks for A Great Night’s Sleep

1. Workout
It sounds like fairly obvious advice but if you’re constantly finding yourself tossing and turning at night then it might be that you are not working the body and mind enough during the day. Perhaps try introducing a daily 20-minute workout, or other high exertion activity into your routine. Not only will you be getting healthier, but you may just find you’ll be getting better sleep too.

2. Sleep Environment
Another simple but easy fix for those struggling with sleep is to assess the bedroom. In order for it to be the retreat that it should be it must only be used for sleeping. This means that any TV’s, computers, phones, bluescreens, books, anything at all that isn’t used directly for sleeping should be left or moved elsewhere. If you treat your bedroom as a sanctuary of sleep, it will be, this simple switch can really help.

3. Music
We may have just told you to clear all distractions from the bedroom; there is, however, one simple hack that will help you sink into luxurious and relaxed sleep patterns and that is by hacking into them through Delta wave music. If you play these deeply soothing sounds whilst you are trying to get to sleep you may find it lets you tap into a much richer and healing sleep. Search Youtube for Delta wave music and you’ll find many different videos that you can then play through your Zeeq Smart Pillow for the ultimate rest.

4. Meditate
Keep all laptops and tablets away from the bedroom and create a peaceful haven in your bedroom so that you can meditate and relax your mind.

5. Aromatherapy 

Simple and easy, this is the oldest hack in the book. Spray your pillow with something lavender scented and sink easily into states of relaxed bliss. Treating yourself to some comforting aromas in the bedroom can always help.

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