Tips for Staying Motivated in January

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Blue Monday, the term given to the second Monday back to work, supposedly the most depressing day of the year, is behind us. The first hurdle of January is over! Time to start looking forward to the daffodils sprouting and actually being able to see them as it's not pitch black on the way to and from the office. The smoothies become less of a chore to make, the protein shakes easier to gulp down. Many see the new year as the easiest time to be full of motivation, as you create new workout routines and nutrition lists. 

Tips for Staying Motivated in January

No matter how motivated you are, you need your body primed to cooperate. With that in mind here are some tips to ensure it is ready when called upon.

1)      Position your alarm out of arms reach 

The snooze button can be both your best friend and worst enemy, but you will be less inclined to use it if you have to get out of bed to press it. If you use the alarm on your smartphone this tip is doubly helpful, as sending that extra tweet or watching that extra video can put your back sleep by minutes, which can turn into hours if you’re not careful. You know of your body's need to rest to recover and prepare for the next workout so don’t deprive it of it.

2)      Use ambient sounds to assist your sleep 

 There are hundreds of videos with hours of continuous ambient sounds you can use to drift off to waves lapping against the shore, trees rustling in the wind. A personal favourite of ours is thunderstorms with rain tapping onto a conservatory roof. There really is a huge and varied selection for all tastes. Our Zeeq Smart Pillow is perfect for this as it can pipe these soothing noises through without the discomfort of wearing headphones.

3)      Talking books 

Running or working out to blaring beats is a time-tested staple of the fitness freak. However, you can’t beat being engrossed in a story to while away the time and distract from the effort you are expending. Choose the right one and you may find yourself forgetting you are running or peddling at all seeing you exceed your target without even realising it.

4)      Meditation 

So many successful athletes and businessmen swear by meditation that it’s hard to ignore. Many liken a 10-minute meditation session as walking out if your front door with your phone charged to 100%. If you can get into the habit of daily meditation, the odds are you will never go without it again and your body will be truly thankful of it.

5)      Just Get There 

Whether it’s the gym, club or the park for a jog, the hardest part can often be going in the first place. This is usually a result of overthinking. You procrastinate because you are pondering the pain and exertion you will have to go through. Think about that once you are there. As J.K. Rowling wrote; worrying about things means you suffer twice!

If life is all about the little things then getting blue Monday in the rear-view mirror means every subsequent Monday from now on will rise through the colour spectrum from depressing blues to vibrant oranges and yellows. It’s downhill from here!

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