Reasons You Need to Take Up Yoga

Yoga might look pretty easy, but all that bending and breathing can be an amazing addition to your workout routine.  Sure, you get the weight loss and the toned muscles, but actually, it is the art of uniting your mind, body, and breath that has the best benefits. After all, who doesn’t want to go through life calmer, happier, and in harmony with themselves?

Reasons You Need to Take Up Yoga

We take a look at why you need to make yoga a part of your workout routine:


Improves intellect – research indicates that after just twenty minutes of yoga, your brain is better at processing information. This may be because the practice makes you more aware of the present moment, which stimulates growth in the prefrontal cortex. 


Boosts heart health – yoga is proven to reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and alleviate the symptoms of stress, all key factors in the maintenance of heart health.


Relieves hangovers – getting on your yoga mat really is a great way to detox your system after excess. Shoulder stands speed up the metabolism which in turn alleviates the symptoms of a hangover much faster.


Improved immunity – synching your mind, body and spirit helps to release tensions which can negatively impact on the strength of your immune system.


Improves sleep – countless studies have shown that yoga improves sleep and reduces chronic insomnia symptoms. Just 10 minutes of yoga and meditation a day can have a huge impact on the quality of your rest.   

What are you waiting for, time to get the mat out and practice your Ohms!


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