Plants to Improve Sleep

We all know that having plants in the home helps to bring life and colour indoors, but did you know that they also have proven health benefits?
Plants to Improve Sleep

Studies have shown that plants improve the air quality indoors by reducing carbon dioxide levels, and improving poor air quality from pollution, odours and moulds. Just one plant per 100 square feet is enough to help purify the surrounding air.

Plants also increase the humidity in a room to optimum levels, this essential attribute helps to ward against respiratory issues in the colder months. However, it is possible to take the humidity levels too far by having too many plants around the home, so be sure to regulate the number of plants you have in each room.

Research also indicates that plants have an extremely positive effect on mental well-being, along with lowered anxiety, lowered blood pressure and improved perceptions of the space. These all combine to create a feeling of calm, which can in turn impact on the quality of sleep.

Plants can be used to improve the sleeping environment in three ways. By: 

  • Cleaning the air
  • Producing oxygen
  • Using the effects of aromatherapy¬†

The chart above provides some examples of plants which can be used for each of these purposes, for example lavender is an excellent aromatherapy plant with known benefits for improving sleep. Boston ferns and peace lilies are incredibly good at cleaning the air, while snake plants and aloe vera produce plenty of oxygen during the night to help you rest.

It is worth remembering, however, that too many plants in the bedroom can have a negative effect on the sleep environment. This is because most plants emit a small amount of carbon dioxide during the night, so having lots of plants in the bedroom might not have the air purifying effects that you were hoping for. NASA recommends between 15 ‚Äď 18 purifying plants per 1800 square feet, so perhaps just stick to one or two in the bedroom for optimum air purifying.

Take care of your plants by wiping dust off the leaves every week so that they can properly filter the air. Make sure you provide ample water and soil drainage so that they can grow to their full potential and feed with plant food once a month.

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