How to Reduce Allergens in the Bedroom

The summer months bring many of us lots of joy, but for some it can mean endless days of relentless sneezing, weeping eyes and itchy skin! Hay fever is no walk in the park, especially when temperatures are soaring. It can cause stress and have a huge impact on our sleep patterns. So, what steps can you take to minimise the effects of allergens in your bedroom?


How to Reduce Allergens in the Bedroom

First of all, it’s important to remember that it’s not just pollen that can set off allergies. Pet dander, dust mites, and mould spores can all have an impact on allergy sufferers, so you need to identify the cause of your suffering before you can manage it effectively. If you have a damp room, for instance, it may be that you need to focus on reducing mould spores, or if you let your pets sleep in your bedroom then that might be a trigger for your allergies. Once you have worked out the cause, you can take the next step. 

1. Hoover regularly
Regularly cleaning and hoovering your entire bedroom is a great way to minimise allergens. Use a hoover that has a HEPA filter on it to trap as many dust mites and pollen particles as possible.

2. Use an air purifier
It’s impossible to keep the windows closed all day every day in the summer heat but unfortunately this lets in lots of pollen. Run an air purifier in your bedroom for a few hours each night before you go to bed to ensure that the air is clean and free from allergy triggers.

3. Invest in mattress protector
Mattress protectors are great for protecting you from dust mites and allergens that lurk in the mattress. Use in conjunction with hypoallergenic bedding to ensure that your bedding stays allergen free.

4. Ban pets from the bedroom
If your pets are allowed to sleep in the bedroom with you, now might be a good time to relocate them somewhere else. Not only do pets shake off a lot of pet dander, which can cause allergies, but their coats also collect a lot of pollen during the day.

5. Remove clutter
Dust and dirt can easily accumulate where there is a lot of clutter, so make sure that your bedroom is free from mess by decluttering at least once a week. Get rid of those piles of magazines, extra cushions, blankets and piles of clothes to keep your room allergen free.

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