How to Get More Social Fitness in Your Life

For those of us who have to do the 9-5 grind, finding the time and motivation to spend on your body can be tricky. Social fitness, however, is a fantastic way to motivate you into cramming exercise into your week, whilst adding enjoyment and a little competitiveness to making your body a temple. If you wish your body to be a temple or even a modestly sized shed, here are some great ways to achieve this.

How to Get More Social Fitness in Your Life

Fitness classes

Starting with the obvious, classes at your local fitness centre are a great way to meet like-minded people in the area. But, you don’t have to stick to a boring aerobics routine, there are plenty of new and fun classes to take. From aerial yoga to circus skills, you can bag yourself a new skill, meet people, and get fit in the process!

Lunch meets

One of the great things about social fitness is the encouragement (or shaming depending how you look at it!) it provides. Work is prime time to take advantage of this. You don't have to go the gym; try inviting a few colleagues for a long walk on your lunch break. Calculate how many calories your lunch contains and how far you need to walk to burn it off. Or, if going for after work beverages, work out the calories you'll be taking on and arrange a class or activity beforehand for guilt-free drinkies.


Social fitness apps tie into your contacts and display fitness stats to compare with your friends. It's a great way to ensure you still get your social fitness fix even if you do work-outs alone, plus there is an abundance of them out there with more added regularly.

Rock climbing

Perhaps not the first activity that comes to mind but rock climbing, once the domain of the extreme sportsman, has become very accessible as it is a great group activity. It becomes extremely addictive as any rock climber will attest to. There are indoor artificial and ‘mobile walls' at hundreds of locations around the country.

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