How to Fall Asleep Naturally

We’ve all been there at some point or another – tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position in which to drift off. Whether you’re a chronic night owl or you’re just having a short period of restless nights, there are ways of catching some zz’s without relying on medication. 

How to Fall Asleep Naturally

Stick to a schedule

Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day is the best and fastest way to ensure that your body clock is on track. When we take long flights, stay up late, or work shifts, our body clocks can get out of synch and this has a knock-on effect when it comes to getting rest. To avoid this, stick to the same times for going to bed and getting up in the morning, even on the weekends.

Don’t nap

Ok, so getting through that afternoon slump is tough. But if you want to sleep in the night, then it’s imperative that you do not take a nap! Sleeping in the day just messes up the circadian rhythm, so any hard work you will have put into maintaining a schedule will be in vain.

Hit the gym

Exercise is a proven way to improve the quality of sleep. Between 30-40 minutes of moderate exercise, each day is a great way to improve your sleep naturally.  

Change your diet

Our diets can play a huge role in how well we sleep at night. Eating a big meal just before bed can make it much more difficult to fall asleep while snacking on sugar during the day leads to peaks and slumps in energy levels which can impact on the quality of sleep at night. 

Clean up your sleep environment

Maintaining good standards of sleep hygiene is a great way to improve your ability to fall asleep naturally. If your bed is uncomfortable, invest in a new mattress. Ensure that your sheets are clean, and the temperature of the room is kept between 16-18°C. Also, ban electronics from the room for up to an hour before bed as the blue light can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm. 


Everyone could do with reading a little bit more, but especially as it helps the brain to unwind and switch off after a long day. Reading is a great way to tire the brain and eyes out and help you to drift off naturally. Just make sure you haven’t got a Stephen King book or you might be awake a little longer than you hoped!

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