How Smoking Affects Your Sleep

More than 78,000 people in the UK dying from smoking related illnesses every year, making it one of the biggest causes of illness and death in this country. It can affect everything from the mouth and throat to the stomach and bladder. It increases the risk of conditions such as coronary heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, cancer and impotence. But did you know that it can also have a huge impact on your sleep?
How Smoking Affects Your Sleep

This may come as a shock to anyone who has a cigarette to unwind before bed, but smoking may actually be the cause of your sleepless nights. 

This is because nicotine is a stimulant. If consumed in high quantities or close to bedtime, nicotine disrupts the ability to fall asleep naturally and leaves smokers feeling restless and agitated. It is estimated that the average smoker loses 1.2 minutes of sleep for every cigarette they smoke, due to the stimulating effects of nicotine.

Studies show that smoking can wreak havoc on the body’s natural sleep routine, causing restlessness and insomnia. It also increases the chances of suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea. Smokers are more likely to experience the collapse of muscles at the back of the throat as they try to sleep as smoke irritates the tissues in the nose and throat, cause them to become inflamed and swollen which restricts air flow and makes it harder to breathe.

Further studies have found that smokers are 22% more likely to experience restless sleep and repeated bouts of waking during the night. By comparison, non-smokers were far more likely to enjoy a full night of uninterrupted, restorative sleep.

It has also been discovered that smokers are more likely to suffer with insomnia. Due to the stimulating nature of nicotine, when it comes to bedtime, smokers will struggle far more than their non-smoking counterparts. Women in mid-life who smoke are also much more susceptible to developing insomnia.

Non-smokers have been found to experience the soundest, most restful sleep. Quitting is the only way to prevent smoking from affecting your sleep and health. 

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