How Do Sound Machines Help You to Sleep?

There tend to be two types of sleepers in the world – one who can sleep through just about anything and the other who is disturbed by a pin dropping in the next room. If you are the latter type of sleeper then you will know that getting some decent shut-eye when there are noises happening around you can be very challenging. This is where sound machines can be super useful.


How Do Sound Machines Help You to Sleep?

It might seem contradictory to have a machine playing more noise when all you want to do is hear less. But actually, white noise and sound machines are the perfect way to mask all the other noises and help you to drift off into a peaceful sleep. A study in 2016 showed that patients at a hospital slept much better when using a sound machine than those who did not.


This is because sound machines play ambient noise at a frequency that drowns out all other noises. The constant sound doesn’t completely eliminate other noises, but it can make them much less distracting.


There are three types of noises on most sound machines – white, pink and brown. White noise tends to be the fuzzy static sound on the radio or the whirring of a fan blade, pink noise is more of a mixture of high and low frequencies which are more natural than static sounds, such as babbling brooks and waves, and brown noise has fewer high frequencies and can sound a lot rougher, like a strong wind.


Research indicates that pink noise can have a very positive effect on deep sleep and can even improve memory.


But it’s not just people who are affected by noises around them who can benefit from sound machines. Those who suffer from tinnitus can experience relief from the symptoms by using a sound machine at night. During the day, it is easier to forget about the ringing in your ears as there are lots of sounds to distract you, however at night-time when everything is quiet, suddenly the focus is on the ringing in your ears which can cause insomnia. Noise machines help to mask the sound of tinnitus, enabling a much deeper sleep.


You can play white, pink and brown noise through the Zeeq smart pillow so that you get the rest you need.


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