Good House Keeping Approved 2018/2019

We've just been approved by the Good House Keeping Institute! Read their full report on our advanced hybrid mattress, the REM-Fit 400.

Good House Keeping Approved 2018/2019

The following has been taken from the Good House Keeping Institute's website. A link can be found below the article. 

Rest and recover with the REM-Fit® 400 Hybrid Zoned Mattress

The perfect balance of comfort and support...

REM-Fit’s range is focused on rest and recovery. They are devoted to creating products to provide you with a comfortable sleeping environment because ‘proper recovery tonight can give you the energy to do more tomorrow.’

The REM-Fit® 400 Hybrid Zoned Mattress is designed to leave you rested, refreshed and revitalised for the day ahead. The mattress comprises of six unique layers of comfort and support providing the perfect nest for every sleeper. 

We put the REM-Fit® 400 Hybrid Zoned mattress to the test. The mattress contains tall pocket springs measuring 14 cm in height, for Rem-Fit found smaller springs failed to isolate the movement of a sleeper’s partner and disturbed their sleep. The extra tall pocket springs proved effective with our panel for every tester agreed their sleep was not interrupted by their partner's movements. 

Rem-Fit’s 'Mediflex' memory foam layer was applauded by our testers with one noting ‘You get a real feeling of weightlessness; the mattress has the perfect balance of support and comfort and is truly relaxing’. The 'Mediflex' layer is balanced on the cool gel infused panel designed to pair the feeling of weightlessness with a temperature regulating foam layer. The cooling gel layer is designed to provide advanced temperature regulation. Overheating during sleep is noted as one of the key reasons for disturbing your sleep cycle and affecting your overall rest and recovery. The testers found the mattress very ‘responsive’ and ‘adaptive’ to their movements resulting in them not overheating during the night.

The mattress provided the perfect foundation for recovery. Our testers who frequently went to the gym and played high levels of sport praised the supportive nature of the mattress. After extended periods of exercise our panel found the mattress ‘perfectly supported [their] hips and shoulders’ with one of our testers noting the mattress ‘took pressure off [their] body completely’. 

REM-Fit® 400 Hybrid Zoned mattress has found the perfect balance between support and comfort. With 6 effective layers leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. 

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