Fitness Trends for 2018

There are some fitness crazes that come and go (50 Shapes of Gray, anyone?), but some fitness trends are so cool they end up revolutionising the world of keeping fit. 

Whether you’re looking for motivation to start a new regime or you simply want to freshen up your existing one, then one of the trends for 2018 may well be for you. 

Fitness Trends for 2018

So, what’s going to be rocking our fitness worlds in 2018?


Ok, we get it, exercising can sometimes feel like a drag, but what if it was actually really fun? Taking the seriousness out of working out and adding elements of play is predicted to be one of the biggest changes to fitness this year. From aerial classes to indoor rock climbing, there so many other fun fitness options available these days that there is no excuse not to try this one out!   


From puppy pilates to goat yoga, the trend of including our furry friends into exercise classes is becoming more and more popular. The combination of exercise with the calming effect of being around animals provides a double whammy of endorphins that can’t be achieved on a rowing machine!


As we start to focus more on metabolism as a way of losing weight and maximising our fitness goals, it is only natural that there is a shift towards fasting. With celebrities such as Beyoncé practising intermittent fasting along with a healthy cardio regime, it appears that this will be a super trend for 2018.


Fitness trackers have been around for a while now, but 2018 is set to be the year that they really take off. With all of the improvements in technology over the last 12 months, it will be super interesting to see what fitness trackers can achieve this year.

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