Fitness Resolutions Worth Sticking to in 2019

The new year is finally here, bringing with it a fresh perspective and optimism for the next 12 months. If you have decided to set a fitness goal for 2019, you might be wondering how on earth you are going to make yourself stick to it. After all, many of us make general resolutions about how we intend to “exercise more” or “lose weight” but we don’t actually specify the details of those resolutions.

Fitness Resolutions Worth Sticking to in 2019

This vague approach can make any well-intentioned resolution extremely hard to stick to! The changes we want to make often require commitment and dedication, and it is difficult to apply those traits to a wishy-washy statement. So, to make your resolutions stick this year, have tangible goals and realistic timeframes for when you would like to achieve them. Check out our suggestions to get started.


1. Sign up for something
Nothing will make you train hard like knowing that you have a 10km race coming up. Committing to an event is a great way to get yourself into a regular training pattern as you have something tangible to work towards.
2. Try something new
You know the old saying – exercise is not punishment for what you ate, but a celebration of what you can do. Don’t just stick to the same old gym routines, switch it up and try something new and different instead. From hula hooping to mountain biking, there is a multitude of weird and wonderful exercises for you to try. You might just find a new passion in life!
3. Start small
Making big changes overnight is tough. Start off by committing to smaller goals so that you build your habits gradually. Commit to one day a week in the gym for January, two days in February, three in March and so on. You will build a habit before you’ve even realised.

4. Pick one thing
If there is one thing that has always evaded you, make it your mission to nail it this year. Whether it is doing the splits, swimming 100 laps or touching your toes, make that one thing your ultimate goal for the year. Once you have nailed that one thing, pick something new to work on. 

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