5 Tips for a Winter Workout

With the cold weather in full swing, you could be forgiven for staying under those blankets just a little while longer in the mornings. But, did you know that the colder weather means that now is the perfect time to exercise?

5 Tips for a Winter Workout

Studies have shown that the brown fat (the good fat) in the body is stimulated by the cold. Brown fat is hugely beneficial to our bodies as it burns energy and glucose to make heat, while also protecting against diabetes and obesity. People with abundant brown fat stores tend to be lean and have low blood sugar levels.

When we exercise, we release a hormone known as irisin which can help turn ordinary white fat (the bad fat) into brown fat. So, by exercising in the winter we double our chances of increasing brown fat while reducing our white fat. If you still need some extra help to get out of bed to start your exercises, here are our top tips.

1. Layer up
Sure, you are likely to get warm during exercise but leaving your body exposed to the cold is likely to leave you with colds, flus or other illnesses. Remove layers as you heat up but try to keep your skin covered to minimise the chances of getting ill.
2. Stay hydrated
Colder temperatures can inhibit thirst signals so keep drinking water even if you don’t feel thirsty to prevent cramping and fatigue.

3. Start small
There’s no shame in reducing your workouts to shorter periods when the weather gets super cold. You can increase them over time as your body adapts to the colder temperatures.

4. Stretch
Stretching before and after is essential for avoiding injuries, remember to take your time as you perform each stretch as your body needs longer to warm up and cool down. Always warm up and cool down inside to limit the time you spend in the cold.

5. Watch your step
It can get super icy and slippery on the roads and pathways, so take extra care to avoid injury.


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