5 Of The Best Bedsheet Hacks

Nothing beats the feel of fresh, clean sheets, but the process of taking them off, washing them, and putting them back on again can be such a bore! We all know the struggle of changing our bed sheets but fear not! Here are some practical hacks to make this tedious task a little more bearable.
5 Of The Best Bedsheet Hacks
1. Wash covers inside out so that they are easier to put back on

Let's start with a classic hack. One of the most frustrating parts of changing bed sheets is wrestling with the duvet cover to put it back on. It always seems like an exhausting and never-ending battle of trying to align the corners while shaking the cover into place. But simply washing your duvet cover inside out can make this process easier. It means you'll be able to grab the corners and pull the cover over your duvet without too much wrestling.

2. Get someone else to do it

Sometimes, the easiest solution is the best one. If you're lucky enough to have a partner or roommate, convince them to take on the task of changing the bed sheets. You can even bribe them with a treat or a massage. If you don't have anyone else to do it, you can always ask your pet. They may not be very helpful, but at least they'll provide some comic relief.

3. Make a bedsheet playlist to get motivated

Music has a magical ability to motivate us, even when doing something as mundane as changing bed sheets. Create a playlist of your favourite upbeat tunes to get you in the mood for some bedsheet changing. Think Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, and Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.

4. Do it in stages

Breaking up the task into smaller chunks can make it seem less daunting. Start by stripping the bed and throwing the sheets in the wash. While they're washing, take a break and do something fun, like going on holiday. Forget about the sheets. Enjoy your downtime! Deal with the sheets when you get back. By splitting the task up, you'll feel less overwhelmed and more motivated to finish.

5. Keep bedding folded inside a pillowcase for storage

After you've gone through the hassle of washing your bed sheets, the last thing you want is to struggle with finding a place to store them. A simple hack to keep your bedding organised is to fold it up and store it inside one of the pillowcases. This way, everything stays together and is easy to grab when it's time for the next sheet change.

Now that you have some practical tips to make the task of changing bed sheets a little more bearable, let's take a moment to appreciate the humour in this necessary chore. Why is it that no matter how hard we try, we can never seem to get the fitted sheet to stay in place? And why do we always end up tangled up in the duvet cover like a caterpillar in a cocoon? Perhaps it's just the universe's way of reminding us to not take ourselves too seriously.

Changing bed sheets is boring but it doesn’t have to be stressful. By utilising some of these hacks, you may even start to enjoy the process (okay, maybe not enjoy, but at least tolerate). So put on some music, recruit a helper (even if it's just your furry friend), and embrace the challenge of changing those pesky bed sheets.

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